The first thing to know about me is that I’ve grown up around the ocean and water. My dad used to compete in windsurfing competitions all around North Wales when I was younger so my family would follow him around on our weekends to watch. When I turned 13, my sister took up surfing so I chased her in to the sea with my gigantic board and I was hooked, I was terrible at it but I couldn’t get enough.

Then at 18, I found the other love of my life, my now husband. He introduced me to the world of old school rock music and most of all Jimi Hendrix. That led me on to bands like Fleetwood Mac and Steppenwolf.

This shoot was inspired by my two favourite things in this world, surf culture and music. Both have made me the person I am today so it made COMPLETE sense to show you all that little side to Sophie.

I pitched the idea to Lillie and Lindsey and without their help there’s no way I could of produced this shoot. Emily kindly stepped up to turn into my idea of a 60’s surf girl and MY GOD she freakin’ killed it! Thank you so much to makeup artist Lillie @lillieleanneartistry and hairstylist @bridalhairbylindsey. You two are WIZARDS at what you do and you did such an amazing job with our beautiful model Emily.

 Feast your eyes on all of the inspiration for a 60’s bridal look and find your inner surf girl!

FUN FACT: The surfboard featured is actually my own from our wedding, we used it as a sign book! It takes pride of place in our home!

Styling and Photography: Sophie @wyldbeephotography

Makeup artist: Lillie @lillieleanneartistry

Hairstylist: Lindsey @bridalhairbylindsey

Jewellery: REGALROSE

Flowers: Flowers at Number 30

Dresses: ASOS

Sunglasses: ASOS