Ste & Tracies Wedding Celebration at Owen House Wedding Barn in Cheshire

August 6, 2021

North Wales & Cheshire Wedding Photographer – Natural & Relaxed Wedding Photography

I first got to hang out with Tracie & Ste on their original wedding day last year where the two got officially married at Owen House Wedding Barn in Cheshire. One year later and we’re back for take two, but this time it includes more than 4 guests and LOTS of dancing!

They had their wedding on one gloriously hot summer day and you could feel the love that surrounded this couple, it was such a wonderful day to be part of and totally worth the wait. After the ceremony, we grabbed their wedding party and went into one of the many nearby fields to set off Stes “festival mix” of smoke bombs and it was freakin’ hilarious capturing everyone running round.

Once the midday heat had cooled down, I stole them both for a couple session and stroll with the sinking sunlight and it was so lovely walking and talking with the two of them. I had so much fun hanging out with this incredible couple and it has to be one of the most fun-filled days I’ve captured yet. Congratulations Tracie & Ste!

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