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My mentoring sessions are for the souls looking to get in to wedding photography or for someone that's already been working on it for a few years and needs help progressing and reaching their goals.

When I started my photography journey I decided to go completely self taught. I learned the ins and outs of how to use a camera, how to work with people and most importantly, how to manage and photograph a wedding day. This alone took around two years and there were a few bumps in the road along the way, but these are the things that you'll never have to face with my help. I've learned how to run a successful wedding photography business which has allowed me to live my dream life, full time and fully booked for over 3 years.

For you, I have created three packages to suit everyones needs and my drive is to help like-minded humans find love and joy in what they do. It's an education and mentoring investment that will fast track your adventure in to the glorious world of weddings.

Relaxed wedding photography based in north wales and shropshire - helping you to progress your wedding photography goals

Education Packages To Suit Your Needs

Package 01

Package 02

Package 03

- one to one online mentoring

- Wedding day shadowing

- one to one online mentoring

- one to one online mentoring

- Wedding day shadowing

- photographing your very own couple

You'll receive three hours of mentoring via video call over 3 weeks or consecutively.

One to ones over 3 weeks are better for photographers who already have their business set up and they just need a revamp and help reaching their goals. Between the calls you can implement changes and we'll discuss over the upcoming weeks

3 consecutive hours are great for beginners, to discuss goals and the basics of setting up a business, what you'll need and what to expect.

As well as everything listed within package 01, you'll also get to shadow me during a full wedding day. (Approx 9-12hrs)

This is your chance to see what your dream job entails. During the day I'll be available to answer any questions you may have, you'll see how to manage and organise group photos, how I direct my couples to produce natural images and all the ins and outs on what to expect when you're shooting someones wedding.

You've had your online mentoring, you've seen what a wedding day entails, now it's time to increase your photography skills and add to your portfolio.

Prior to the shoot, we'll have a 1hr video call to discuss details and go through any questions you may have. I'll organise a model couple to meet us at a location of your choice within 2hrs from Mold, North Wales, and I'll teach you how to pose and direct couples. Afterwards we'll have one last video call to review what you've learnt and what your action plan consists of.




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