I'm Sophie

Born on the northern coast of Wales, I live for sea salt hair days and sun kissed skin. When there's sand in the bottom of the shower, I know I'm living life right. I've got a real passion for the ocean, mountains and wide open spaces outdoors. I drink far too much tea and surround myself with the best people. I love new experiences and above all, I love romance.

With over 10 years experience in the wedding industry I know the importance of finding a photographer that you can feel comfortable with and one you can trust completely to capture your day. My aim for every couple I work with, is to walk in and be a sigh of relief. The relief that you know I've got you covered. The relief that you know I can handle any last minute details and weather imperfections thrown my way and that I am always happy to help with whatever you need.

I care about your wedding and I care about your experience.

I strongly stand by my belief that there are no two humans in love that aren't photogenic. When you're with your other half, you bring out a side in each other that is just BEAUTIFUL and I get to be the lucky soul that get's to capture it. The greatest photographs are the none posed ones. Let me capture those inside jokes only you two can hear, the windswept romantic newlywed kisses, dancing spins and all of those in between moments that make you so damn unique as a couple.