When you start planning your day, you’ll be looking for tips and tricks on how to have THE BEST WEDDING EVER! To make things easier, I’ve ticked one off your list by creating this simple guide on some things people will forget to tell you on how you can get the most out of your wedding day and your photographer, me!

These three are the most important.


I get it, you want as many photos as possible of your day to document just how freakin’ amazing it all was. However, when Aunty Mindy shows up with her new camera phone and leans in to the aisle to get pictures of you throughout the entire ceremony, there’s just some things Photoshop can’t hide. You’ve chosen me to capture all of the best moments of your day, so trust me when I say that I won’t miss the ceremony giggles, first kiss or those big happy freshly married smiles when you’re walking down the isle with your other half.

I’ve got you.

Registrars and Vicars are always happy to let your guests know that the ceremony is unplugged and they’ll explain that I’m there to photograph it all so your friends and family can enjoy watching you two say your I do’s without the worry that it’s going to be a distant memory after a few glasses of champagne. If you forget to let the officiant know, let me know and I will tell them for you.


I sound like a parent but honestly you have no idea how easy it is to forget to do this. Although you probably won’t even be thinking about breakfast, it is super important to eat something, ANYTHING on your wedding morning. Whether it’s some toast or an ice cream sundae, you won’t be eating until mid afternoon so make sure to fill your boots! If you’re like me and don’t eat breakfast, have your MOH wrap up a sandwich or a croissant in paper to take with them so once the ceremony is finished you can get your snack on!

As for water, I’m not recommending you walk round with a water bottle like you’re on a hike, but downing a glass or two during cocktail hour and after your meal is going to keep you hydrated and ready to mingle with your family and guests for longer. Although I’d like to believe gin and tonic keeps your hydration levels a float.. It definitely doesn’t, so wet your whistles with water!


Let’s not rush things, this is your wedding day and first things first, it’s all about you so you gotta have fun! When you’ve got your list of all the things you want to do, always add an extra 10 minutes to do them.

I’ll be sending you a schedule form to fill in a few weeks before your wedding, this lets me know all the plans you have and also what timings the location is set for meals and speeches etc. This helps me to help you. I already know what kind of photos I want to grab of you two beauties so I will run my plans around your timings.

I keep my group shots to a maximum of eight. This is purely to help you get the most out of your day. When grouping your guests together, it can sometimes take 10 minutes for one photo. So if you’re having all eight, give me 40 minutes of your day to grab all of those must have family shots for you and if we finish them earlier than expected, treat yo’self to a glass of champagne!


You know those invites that took you weeks to perfect, the perfume you’ve found that will make you feel like a goddess and your wedding dress that beat the 5 million others? These items help me to tell your wedding day story, just keep a spare invite and it’s envelope to one side, any perfume, jewellery or notes from your other half and simply pop them all in a box or bag and I’ll do the rest. Literally anything you’d like me to add to your wedding day photos, just keep them together so I won’t miss them.

Now when it comes to your dress, trust me to move it for you if I can find a pretty backdrop (I ALWAYS make sure I’ve got uber clean hands before I touch it, so no sticky croissant fingers!). Big rooms are best and out the way of anything else. This is tricky when getting ready in a hotel but not to worry, just hang it high with the front of the dress facing outwards, on the top of wardrobe doors usually works.



You know those photos you think you need to have because it’s just a tradition and you don’t have a choice? Well guess what, you two are your own tradition and you can do whatever the hell you want!

Images like a fake signing of the register (because by law I’m not supposed to get close up pictures of you actually doing it), bouquet toss and the cutting of the cake. You don’t actually have to do ANY of these if you don’t want to. I’ll always ask my couples if they want these images, some do and that’s super okay! But if you don’t, definitely don’t feel obliged.

Like I said, you do you, this is your day, if you don’t want to stick to the traditions, you really don’t have to. Make your own choices. It’s your wedding.


There’s an awful lot going on, on your day. Your guests are super excited for you and you’ll find yourself running round to talk to all of them. Just remember this is your day too and to not feel guilty to take time for yourselves. This is why I absolutely LOVE stealing you away for 40 minutes for your couple shoot. This allows you to breathe and enjoy those just married feels!

I often hear back from my couples that they really enjoyed that part, because it gave them time to talk to their other half with the attention being only on each other. No tight schedule and no rules.

Oh yeh, and you know that part after the meal when you’re probably going to feel slightly sleepy? You should totally treat yourselves to 20 minutes in a quiet room where no one can find you. re-coop yourself and then get ready to partyyyyyyy!

Trust me, those 20 minutes of lying down and drinking tea or coffee will make you feel excited to get up and get the after party started.